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Vojtěch Rakous (born December 8, 1862 in Starý Brázdim , Austrian Empire as Adalbert Östreicher (Austrian); died August 8, 1935 in Prague ) was a Czech writer.


Adalbert Östreicher was the son of the Jewish householder Salamon Österreicher and Barbara Polláková. He attended the yeshiva in Brázdim. He was initially a peddler in Mratin ( Okres Praha-východ ) and also traded in writing. Around 1895 he became a partner in a shoe shop in Libeň , which was incorporated into Prague in 1898 , and married Emilia Neumannova.

He was a supporter of the assimilation of Jews living in Bohemia in the Czech environment and tschechisierte its name to Vojtěch Rakous. In 1885 the journalist Jan Herben brought him together with Karel Fischer, the editor of the Českožidovský kalendářuzum . He wrote stories and feuilletons, which he published under the name Vojtěch Rakous in the magazines "Paleček", "Naše hlasy", "Národní listy", "Českožidovské listy", "Českožidovský kalendář", "Rozvoj", "Hlas národa" , “Besedy Času” and “Tribuna” published. He wrote about the coexistence of the village Jews in Central Bohemia,

He was able to publish part of his stories in repeatedly published and expanded anthologies, a large part is waiting to be indexed and republished.

Works (selection)

  • Doma , Prague: L. Ballenbergr, 1897 (at home)
  • Well rozcestí . Praze: Svazu Česk. Pokrokových Židu, 1914
    • At the crossroads . Translator Emil Saudek . Tribuna, Prague 1922; again in Jewish Tales from Prague. Bibliotheca Bohemica, 9th ed. Christian Grüny. Vitalis, Prague 1997, pp. 105-126
  • Vojkovičtí a přespolní (The Wojkowitzers and the Foreigners), 1910, new edition, 3 volumes, 1923–1925
  • Modche a Rézi: Cycle obrázků ze života venkovských židů . Obelisk, Prague 1926
    • The stories of Modche and Resi and other dear people . 2 vols. Trans. Emil Saudek. Tribuna, Prague 1922
  • Výbor ze spisu̇ . Obelisk, Prague without year (selected works)
  • Oskar Donath (Ed.): Bohemian Village Jews . With samples from the works of Leopold Kompert, Vojtěch Rakous, Th. G. Masaryk, Alois Mrštík, Karl Klostermann, Emil Vachek, Jan Vrba. Book decoration Gustav Boehm. Kral., Brno 1926


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