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Emil Saudek (born September 14, 1876 in Iglau , Austria-Hungary ; died October 23, 1941 in Prague ) was a Czech literary translator and editor.


Emil Saudek was the child of a merchant and farmer. He studied law at the University of Vienna from 1895 to 1900 and received his doctorate in 1902. He worked as a bank clerk at the Anglo-Austrian bank in Vienna and then in Prague and was promoted to secretary in 1923. In 1930 he retired.

Saudek published works by his compatriots Josef Svatopluk Machar and Otokar Březina and translated literary works, especially poetry, from Czech into German. He wrote literary reviews.

His son Erik Adolf Saudek (1904–63) worked as a literary translator into Czech.

Fonts (selection)

  • O poesii O. Březiny (On the poetry of O. Březina), 1912
  • Pod oblohou O. Březiny (Under the Sky of O. Březina), 1928
  • Ed .: Poet Machar and Prof. Masaryk in the fight against clericalism . 1912.
  • Josef Svatopluk Machar : Rome . Translation by Emil Saudek. (Řím), 1908
  • Otokar Březina: winds from noon to midnight . Translation Emil Saudek, Franz Werfel . (Větry od pólů, cycle of poems 1897) 1920
  • Otokar Březina: master builder at the temple . Translation Emil Saudek, Franz Werfel. 1920 (Stavitelé chrámu, poems 1899)
  • TG Masaryk : The new Europe  : the Slavic point of view . Authorized transfer Emil Saudek. Berlin: CA Schwetschke & Sohn, 1922 (Nová Evropa 1918, 1920)
  • Vojtěch Rakous : The stories of Modche and Resi . 1922 (Modche a Rézi)
  • Vojtěch Rakous: At the crossroads . 1922 (Na rozcestí)
  • Otokar Březina: Music from the Sources . Translation Emil Saudek, Franz Werfel. 2 volumes, 1923 (Hudba pramenů)


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