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Volker Helas (born April 9, 1942 in Dresden ) is a German art historian , monument conservator and non-fiction author.


Helas grew up as the son of the glass artist Helmar Helas (1914–1981) and the grandson of the painter Max Friedrich Helas (1875–1949) in Dresden and studied cultural studies and art history in Leipzig . He completed his studies in 1967 with a diploma. He then worked at the Karl-Marx-Stadt art collections and the Deutsche Fotothek . From 1974 to 1979 he worked as a curator and later senior curator at the Institute for Monument Preservation in Dresden. In 1977 he wrote his dissertation in Leipzig on historicism in Dresden architecture around the second half of the 19th century .

Helas fled to the FRG in 1979 and was hired as a conservator at the State Office for Monument Preservation in Hessen . He returned to Dresden in 1991 and has been working as a freelance art historian ever since . The focus of his works is primarily the 19th century building and cultural history of Dresden; he is also the inventor of two monument topographies.

Publications (selection)

  • 1985: Architecture in Dresden 1800–1900
  • 1991: Villa architecture in Dresden
  • 1994: Monument topography Federal Republic of Germany , monuments in Saxony, city of Dresden, Friedrichstadt (as editor)
  • 1995: The Blue Wonder, the history of the Elbe bridge between Loschwitz and Blasewitz in Dresden
  • 1996: The cityscape of Dresden, city monument and monument landscape
  • 1997: Ballhouses in Dresden (with Ralf Kukula )
  • 1998: The Dresdner Bank in Dresden, architecture and traces of life
  • 1999: Art Nouveau architecture in Dresden
  • 2002: River landscapes, The Elbe near Dresden
  • 2002: Large garden in Dresden
  • 2003: Sempers Dresden, The Buildings and the Students
  • 2005: Dresden, a comparative journey through time over three centuries
  • 2007: Monument topography Federal Republic of Germany, monuments in Saxony, city of Radebeul (as editor)

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