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WDR event
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Radio station ( public service )
Program type Event channel
reception DAB + , DVB-S , livestream , medium wave (until 2015)
Reception area North Rhine-WestphaliaNorth Rhine-Westphalia North Rhine-Westphalia
Start of transmission March 3, 2006
Broadcaster West German Broadcasting Cologne
Intendant Tom Buhrow
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former logo
Logo until September 2012

WDR Event is a radio program of the West German Broadcasting Corporation (WDR). It is intended as a so-called event program for special occasions. WDR Event offers selected sporting events as well as broadcasts of debates from the Bundestag and cultural highlights live and in full length and is made available via DAB + in addition to satellite broadcasting , but not around the clock, but only for the duration of the corresponding events. In the evenings, the listener can often hear full football reports, such as the Bundesliga conference, or follow special debates from the Bundestag during parliamentary weeks.


WDR Event can be received via DAB + via channel 11D throughout North Rhine-Westphalia . It can also be heard via DVB-S , DVB-C and on the Internet . Until July 6, 2015, WDR Event could also be heard over medium wave on the medium wave transmitters Bonn (774 kHz) and Langenberg (720 kHz).

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