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Example of a silvicultural measure: In the existing coniferous wood stand, beech trees appropriate to the location were planted as a pre-cultivation ( Handewitter Forest )
Another example of a silvicultural measure: spruce shoots in favor of hardwoods in a wetland ( quarry forest ), forest location: Klueser Wald

The silviculture is a central part of the forestry . Its task is to “maintain and rejuvenate the existing forests and to establish new forest stands”. Its aim is to secure and improve the growth and stability of the forest stands, and in doing so, to take into account the principle of sustainability and thus to create the climate-plastic forest .

The term "silviculture" is a word created by the forest scientist Heinrich Cotta , made famous through his widely distributed textbook Instructions for Silviculture (1817). Before and for a long time afterwards, timber was the common word for it. With his new creation Cotta leaned linguistically on the agriculture of the farmers . However, he by no means had a “lumberjack” in mind. His teaching went far beyond just growing wood.

The technical term of near-natural silviculture is not clear-cut and leads to confusion with the narrower term of near-natural forestry , which is a type of management that follows certain ecological principles of silviculture in the sense of the working group for natural forestry (ANW) (stock management, individual tree use, no clearcutting, etc.).


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