Walhalla specialist publisher

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Walhalla specialist publisher
Logo WALHALLA Fachverlag.jpg
founding   August 30, 1949
Seat   regensburg
management   Johannes Höfer (Managing Director)
Website   www.walhalla.de
Publishing house in Regensburg

The Walhalla Fachverlag ( own spelling WALHALLA ) with headquarters in Regensburg and Berlin is one of the 100 largest publishers in the German-speaking area. The program mainly covers the areas of law, administration, economics and social affairs. It is part of the Medien Union group .


On August 30, 1949, Hermann Klenner and Fritz Vogl founded Walhalla Verlag in Regensburg. They chose the Valhalla as the namesake . The first publications included training texts for the customs administration . Distinctive publications are basic works for lawyers and notaries and the reference work for the armed forces, the armed forces calendar . After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 , the publisher expanded its program to include legal assistance on consumer issues and later management literature ( Metropolitan Verlag ). In the branch in Berlin-Neukölln , the one founded by Werner Lippert and by Michael-A. Konitzer continued the yearbook for digital brand communication & creation, Annual Multimedia and the two magazines for sustainable action in municipalities, N-Journal and UmweltBriefe.


The Walhalla Fachverlag belongs to the Walhalla publishing group together with the Deichmann + Fuchs Verlag GmbH & Co. KG and the authorities publisher Jüngling-gbb. They are all part of the Medien Union group . In 2015, the publishing house employed around 65 people.

Program / departments

Thematic focus of the publishing program

  • Public service & administration (collective bargaining law, categorization, staff representation, training and legal regulations in the areas of administration, foreigners, construction, data protection, restaurants, trade, municipal economy, registration, passport, ID, taxes, criminal law, road traffic, environment, energy, Weapons, customs and foreign trade)
  • Social & health (social security, pension, provision, care, inheritance law, child and youth law, social and care law)
  • Job & life (job, career, rhetoric, self-management, real estate, living, private wealth accumulation)
  • Economy & Management (marketing, sales, management, leadership, labor, banking, commercial, corporate and insolvency law, sustainability)
  • Security and armed forces (basic knowledge, service law, leadership, precaution)

All content is made available in loose-leaf and book products, digital media formats (databases, e-books, apps), audio books (audio CDs and downloads) as well as seminars and magazines (UmweltBriefe.). The publisher's publications can often be found in the bestseller lists, especially with The current legislation that must be posted .

The publisher's authors include a. Vera F. Birkenbihl , Nikolaus B. Enkelmann , Gudrun Fey and Hans-Uwe L. Köhler .


In 1996 Walhalla Fachverlag took over the Düsseldorf-based company Metropolitan Verlag, which at that time had concentrated on the topics of management, corporate culture, business and marketing structures. Metropolitan Verlag's titles were incorporated into the publisher's program in 2005. In 2017 the company was re-established as a non-fiction book imprint for Walhalla Verlag for the topics of business, (self-) management and communication. Under the motto Job - Personality - Future , the non-fiction book imprint publishes books and eBooks on the topics of application, project management, leadership, work-life balance, digitization, social media and trends. Authors are u. a. Vincent Zeylmans van Emmichoven, Gudrun Fey , Stefanie Krahl and Peter Buchenau .

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