Wassa West District

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Wassa West District
Location of the Ahanta West district within the Western Region
country GhanaGhana Ghana
region Western region
Capital Tarkwa
District shape common
District Chief Executive Emmanuel K. Ayensu
surface 2,578 km²
population 232,700 (2002)
Population density 90 Ew. / km²
ISO 3166-2 GH-WP-WW

The Wassa West District is one of 13 districts in the Western Region in southwest Ghana .


The largest ethnic group among the 230,000 inhabitants of the district is the Akan people of the Wassa with 43% . Most of the other ethnic groups also belong to the Akan group, such as the Ahanta , Fanti and Brong . There are also Ewe , Ga and Kokomba .

According to official taxes, more than 90% are Christians, around 6.6% Muslims and 1.4% followers of traditional religions. It must be taken into account that Christians and Muslims can at the same time adhere to traditional beliefs.


Wassa West is the wettest district in Ghana with 187.83 cm per year. The rainy season from March to September falls twice as much as the annual average, while the dry season extends from October to February . The original tropical rainforest in the district is only partially available.


The district has gold and manganese deposits . Gold was mined here before the first Europeans arrived around 1500. The poor road network is an obstacle to further economic development.


The historic battle of Nsamankow between the Ashanti and the British took place on the territory of the district in 1821, ending with the crushing defeat of the British and the death of their leader, Governor Charles McCarthy .

Traditional structure

Parallel to the formal administrative structure of the state of Ghana, the traditional rulership of Omanhene of the Wassa, the Wassa Traditional Fiase Land extends over Wassa West and the neighboring district of Mpohor Wassa East . The “stool” and thus the seat of government of Omanhene is traditionally in Benso . The Omanhene is subject to a sophisticated hierarchy of z. B. 39 "Division Heads" and other officials.

Places in the district

  • Prestea
  • Abosso
  • Bogoso
  • Nsuaem
  • Huni Valley Hemang
  • Simpa-Pepesa
  • Nsuta
  • Dompim-Pepesa
  • Tarkwa Atoabo
  • Subscribers
  • Tamso
  • Bondai
  • Damang
  • Co-oasis
  • Benso
  • Odumasi
  • Abosso-Bompieso
  • Kwabedu

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