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Camouflage-colored waders for fishermen

A wader is a piece of clothing that is used by various professional groups (including firefighters , fishermen , construction workers ) to work in water for long periods in dry clothing . The wader consists of a partial body suit made of PU- sealed nylon fabric, PVC film or neoprene , which protects the body from water either up to the hips or up to the chest. The waders are firmly and waterproof sewn or welded to the legs with sturdy rubber boots . The waistband and a possibly higher upper opening of the torso part of the wader can be placed so tightly on the body by means of an adjustable elastic band that splashing or sloshing water can hardly penetrate. Waders always have braces that can cross over at the back. A rain jacket, worn over it, helps to keep the waders dry inside in the event of rain or heavy spray.

It is sometimes wrongly claimed that the wader can fill with water and thus pull the wearer under water. However, this is not physically possible due to gravity, since the water in the waders does not have a greater density than the water in the body of water. In this case, there is no additional downward force. But there is a risk if you plunge your upper body into the water. The buoyancy of the air inside the waders can push the legs to the surface, which in turn keeps the upper body under the water. Likewise, waders must not be used in running waters , as they can fill up with water like a sack and expose the wearer to very high currents and drag them along with the current . Furthermore, caution is advised, as a wader filled with water offers a higher contact surface for flowing water than a tight-fitting one. This has resulted in more fatal accidents. For this reason, waders should always be worn with life jackets. If the current is very low, a safety line on the safety belt that can be released under tension can be useful.

The waders similar, but only up to the step-reaching, which are waders . There are also special wading boots. They usually have a felt or rubber sole and ensure a secure footing when wearing socks.

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