Who will get the dog?

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German title Who will get the dog?
Original title Who Gets the Dog?
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2016
length 100 minutes
Age rating FSK 0
Director Huck Botko
script Matt Wheeler ,
Rick Rapoza
production Reid Brody ,
Bill Ryan ,
Scott Silver
music Andrew Dost
camera Joseph White
cut Julie Garcés

Who will get the dog? (Original title: Who Gets the Dog? ) Is an American comedy film directed by Huck Botko from 2016 . Alicia Silverstone and Ryan Kwanten can be seen in the leading roles . The publication took place in the USA on September 13, 2016 via the Internet and in Germany on November 25, 2016 directly on DVD .


The ice hockey goaltender Clay and the doctor Olive have been married for several years, but the air is now out. Clay feels overwhelmed by Olive's desire to have children. Olive, on the other hand, is annoyed by his irresponsibility, so that both want to part. When it comes to divorce and Clay moving out of the apartment, they argue over who can keep their dog, Wesley.

In their attempts to "pull" Wesley "on their side," they drive the dog - and those around them - pretty insane. After Clay tries to kidnap Wesley, Olive moves to court for sole custody. The animal psychologist Dr. Wendy is assigned by the court to find out who is best placed to look after the dog. Because Wesley is now showing behavioral problems by going back and forth, Clay and Olive also consult the dog trainer Glenn Hannon. From the beginning he is more interested in a relationship with Olive than in the dog and intrigues against Clay. Olive rejects his advances, but Hannon puts it in front of Clay as if he had a relationship with her.

Although Dr. Wendy Olive perceives as more responsible and thus recommends the sole custody of the dog, he is awarded by the court Clay, because a certificate is surprisingly found in which he is registered as Wesley's owner. Clay is not happy about this, however, as he has never stopped loving Olive and regrets her sadness about the judgment and the whole breakup situation. He recognizes the parallels to his childhood, in which he suffered greatly from the divorce of his parents.

So he tries to take on more responsibility and behave accordingly. When he senses the loneliness of his friend's little nephew, he takes care of him, he manages to get him out of isolation and successfully integrate into the children's ice hockey team as a goalkeeper. Later the two help him in an attempt to win Olive back, which initially fails.

In the meantime, Clay is given the long-awaited chance to be used as a goalkeeper on his ice hockey team. Wesley runs away. Clay informs Olive and together they look for him. When Olive sees that Clay is more important to Wesley than his ice hockey career, as he risks being late for the first game in the search, she realizes that Clay has changed for the better and the couple get back together. They become parents of a son.


The synchronization was carried out by the dubbing company SPEEECH Audiolingual Labs . The dialogue was directed by Kai Taschner .

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