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Werner Beulke (born January 12, 1945 in Berlin ) is a German lawyer , lawyer and former university lecturer .

Live and act

Beulke grew up in Berlin. He began studying law at the Free University . After two semesters, he moved to the University of Tübingen for another two semesters and finally completed his studies at the University of Göttingen with the first state examination in law. He completed his legal clerkship in Lower Saxony . In 1974 Beulke received his doctorate in Göttingen . In 1978 he completed his habilitation there for the position of defense counsel in criminal proceedings .

In 1979 he was appointed professor at the University of Konstanz . From 1980 to March 2011 he held the chair for criminal law , criminal procedural law and criminology at the University of Passau .

After his retirement, Beulke devotes himself to his legal work. Beulke was admitted to the Munich Bar Association in July 2012 .

Beulke is married and has two sons. In 2020 he received an honorary doctorate from the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg .

Research priorities

Beulke's research focuses on the general part of criminal law, criminal procedure law - especially in the area of ​​criminal defense -, commercial criminal law and juvenile criminal law.

Publications (selection)

Monographs and textbooks

  • Property crime among young people and adolescents (= criminological studies. Volume 20). Schwartz, Göttingen 1974 (dissertation, University of Göttingen, 1974).
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  • Written exam in criminal law III. Müller, Heidelberg
  • Juvenile criminal law. A systematic representation. Kohlhammer, Stuttgart
  • The criminal liability of defense counsel. Müller, Heidelberg
  • Company in the crosshairs. Müller, Heidelberg, 2009


  • Culture, Science and Politics at the End of the 20th Century. Expectations, visions - fears? Lectures at the symposium for the 65th birthday of Hans-Ludwig Schreiber (= Göttinger Universitätsreden. Volume 91). 1999.
  • Criminal law, bio law, legal philosophy. Festschrift for Hans-Ludwig Schreiber on his 70th birthday on May 10, 2003. 2003.
  • Commemorative publication in honor of the Criminal Law Committee of the Federal Bar Association. 2006.
  • The dilemma of the constitutional criminal law. Symposium for Bernhard Haffke on his 65th birthday. 18./29. March 2009. University of Passau, 2009.
  • with Alexander Ignor: book series practice of criminal defense.


  • Löwe / Rosenberg: The Criminal Procedure Code and the Courts Constitution Act, major commentary. Edited by Volker Erb , Robert Esser , Ulrich Franke , Kirsten Graalmann-Scheerer, Hans Hilger, Alexander Ignor. 26th edition. 2006–2013, §§ 151–157.
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Expert opinions

  • Opinion of March 2003 on the reform proposals in the Justice Modernization and Justice Acceleration Act
  • Expert opinion of 23 November 2007 on the criminal law risks of school photography with special consideration of the facts of bribery (§ 334 StGB) and the granting of advantages (§ 333 StGB)

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