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Werner Kastor (born October 28, 1943 in Berlin ; † May 2, 2019 ) was a German boxing commentator.


Werner Kastor grew up in East Berlin and boxed as a child in the GDR . After conflicts with the East German regime in 1964, he was after an attempted escape from East Germany of Czechoslovak arrested border guards and two years later by the Federal Republic of Germany ransomed .

After that, he first tried his hand as a professional boxer in the middleweight - his record is four wins, three defeats and a draw.

Due to his moderate boxing success, he decided to study. Kastor studied politics and economics in Berlin, Münster, Bonn and London and received a doctorate in political science . In 1971 he moved to London, where he was involved in the BBC's coverage of the GDR and also worked for the Washington Post .

Since 1990 Kastor has reported on national and international boxing matches first for the sports channel and since 1993 for Eurosport . He was said to have a "rough voice and the courage to use pithy words". Kastor has accompanied "boxing as expertly as it is critical". In contrast to other sports commentators on German television, he openly addressed grievances and called "things by their names".

In addition to his commentary work, Kastor blogged from his residence in London on current political issues in Germany.

Appreciations and reception

“The world championship fight between Evander Holyfield and Nikolaj Walujew in Zurich was a stroke of luck for Switzerland. That's what someone who should know says: Werner Kastor, probably the most famous boxing commentator. "

- Patrick Toggweiler : 20 minutes from December 18, 2008

"On the other hand, the smaller special-interest broadcaster Eurosport , where the broadcasts of major fights enter a second exploitation loop, has an excellent commentator under contract with Werner Kastor, who knows how to contribute to the visual representation as his own authority."

- Stephan May : Faust meets Eye: Mythology and Aesthetics of American Boxing Films (2015 - ISBN 978-3-89942-191-0 )

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