Wilhelm Abraham Teller

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Wilhelm Abraham Teller, painting by Ferdinand Collmann, 1795, Gleimhaus Halberstadt

Wilhelm Abraham Teller (born January 9, 1734 in Leipzig , † December 9, 1804 in Berlin ) was a Protestant theologian , hymn poet , university professor and educator .


Wilhelm Abraham was a son of the theologian Romanus Teller . From 1749 he studied theology and philosophy in his hometown Leipzig . In 1761 he took over a chair at the University of Helmstedt . The Enlightenment theologian wrote important theological treatises. One of his works is the enlightenment textbook of the Christian faith , which was published in Halle in 1764 and triggered violent opposition in the central German states. He countered the impending narrowing of his sphere of activity by emigrating to Prussia. In 1767 he was appointed provost at the Petrikirche in Cölln and at the same time senior consistorial councilor at the Lutheran upper consistory in Prussia. Here he worked closely with his Lutheran colleagues Johann Joachim Spalding and Johann Samuel Diterich , but also with the Reformed court preacher August Friedrich Sack . He belonged to the Berlin Society of Friends of the Enlightenment . The Prussian Academy of Sciences elected him a full member in 1786.

He was a sponsor of the theologian Gottfried August Ludwig Hanstein , who succeeded Teller in all of his offices after his death.

Teller married on June 6, 1763 in Leipzig Rahel Sophia Börner (born April 17, 1731 Leipzig, † April 2, 1813 in Berlin), the daughter of the professor of theology Christian Friedrich Börner and his second wife Rahel Christiane Schreiter. The marriage remained childless.

Other works (selection)

  • First collection of some sermons, by D. Wilhelm Abraham Teller, Helmstedt at the expense and for the benefit of the Princely Orphanage . 1769
  • Dictionary of the New Testament to explain the Christian doctrine Mylius, Berlin 1772 ( digitized version ); 5th edition 1805.
  • Sermons on domestic piety and church service chant Berlin, 1773 ( digitized in the digital library Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania)
  • Sermons and speeches on special occasions. Two parts. Lagarde and Friedrich, Berlin 1787 ( digitized part 1 , digitized part 2 ).
  • The letters of the apostles of Jesus. Wesselhöft, Chemnitz 1794.
  • Sermon in memory of Sr. Maj. Friedrich Wilhelm the Second King of Prussia. Mylius, Berlin 1797.


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