William III. (Holland)

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Wilhelm , called the Good (* around 1286; † June 7, 1337 ), was called Wilhelm III. Count of Holland and Zeeland and as Wilhelm I Count of Hainaut from the House of Avesnes . He was the eldest son of Count Johann II. Of Avesnes-Hainaut-Holland and Philippa of Luxembourg, daughter of Count Henry V .


William III. followed his father in government in 1304. His cousin Emperor Heinrich VII (mother: Beatrix von Avesnes) recognized him in his inheritance, but he had to wrestle for his inheritance for years. It was not until 1323 that he prevailed against all opponents. In 1326 he granted asylum to the English queen Isabella of France (1292-1358) and her lover Roger Mortimer (1287-1330) and helped them in England. Wilhelm was one of the most powerful princes in the empire and was held in high regard. In 1337 he brought about the German-English alliance that marked the beginning of the Hundred Years War .


Wilhelm was married since May 19, 1305 to Johanna von Valois (1294–1352), daughter of Count Karl von Valois and sister of the future King Philip VI. of France . The couple had five children:


predecessor Office successor
Johann II. Count of Holland and Hainaut
William IV