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Coat of arms of Wilhelm von Jülich

Wilhelm von Jülich (* around 1299; † February 26, 1361 ) was Count Wilhelm V. von Jülich from 1328 . However, the numbering of the Counts of Jülich is not uniform in the literature, so he is sometimes called Wilhelm VI. counted because the son and co-regent Wilhelm IV. is also counted as Wilhelm V. As margrave (since 1336) and as duke (since 1356) he is counted as Wilhelm I.


Wilhelm was the son of Count Gerhard V. von Jülich and Elisabeth von Brabant- Arschot , a daughter of Count Gottfried. He followed his father in 1328 as Count von Jülich. His brother Walram became Archbishop of Cologne in 1332 . This made the former opponents Kurköln and Jülich allies. In the following years they moved away from France and supported Emperor Ludwig IV , who elevated Wilhelm to margrave and imperial prince in 1336. After Ludwig's death, Wilhelm moved to the camp of Charles IV. In 1340 he was taken over by Eduard III. appointed Earl of Cambridge . The marriage of his eldest son Gerhard led to the attack of Ravensberg (1346) and Berg (1348). His sons also joined in an uprising by the Jülich knighthood. He was captured in 1349 and only released again in 1351 - under pressure from outside. In 1356 he was made duke. After his death in 1361, the Duchy of Jülich fell to his second eldest son, Wilhelm II . The successors of his eldest son Gerhard ruled in Berg and Ravensberg. After the death of his grandson Rainald in 1423, the duchies of Jülich and Berg and the County of Ravensberg were united in one hand by his great-grandson Adolf from the Berg sidelines. Like his wife, who died in 1374, Wilhelm was buried in Nideggen .


Wilhelm married in 1324 Johanna (1315-1374), a daughter of Wilhelm III. Count of Holland and Joan of Valois. The marriage had six children:


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Gerhard VII. Count of Jülich
from 1336 Margrave
from 1356 Duke
Wilhelm II.
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