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Wilhelm Julius Ernst Christian Johannsen ( Russian Эрнест-Вильям Юльевич Иогансен ; born July 10 . Jul / 22. July  1857 . Greg in St. Petersburg ; † after 1917 ) was a Danish - Russian architect .


Johannsen, son of the music theorist Julius Johannsen and his wife Sarah, attended the Lutheran St. Anne's School in St. Petersburg from 1868–1874 and then studied at the Imperial Art Academy (initially as a guest auditor and from 1878 as a regular student). After a small and second silver medal, he won the first silver medal with the right to build buildings in 1883 with the project for a Russian Orthodox cemetery church. In 1886 he completed his studies as Classical Artist III. Class.

From 1890 on, Johannsen built large residential buildings in St. Petersburg. He used different styles: Art Nouveau , Rococo and Renaissance . Had Johannsen's sister Louise Lucia Johannsen (1865-1902) the Dutch consul and commercial director of the Russian- American Rubber - manufacturing Krasny Treugolnik and Fußbekleidungsfabrik Skorochod and a director of the St. Petersburg discount - and Bank and director of the First Russian insurance company Hendrik van Gilse van der Pals (1856–1928) married. Johannsen built the HH Gilse van der Pals villa for him in 1901–1902 at Angliski Prospect 8–10 , which is well preserved. In addition, Johannsen was the architect of the rubber manufacturer Treugolnik. In 1904 he created the grave monument for his sister Luise Lucia in the St. Petersburg Novodewitschi Cemetery. In 1913, together with the architect IP Volodichin, he built the editorial building of Peterburgskaja Gazeta .

Johannsen lived with his wife Theresa-Maria Franzewna on the third floor of the large corner house he had built at Nekrassowa Street 39, which he owned until after the October Revolution until 1918, while his father lived on the second floor.

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