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William Lithgow (* 1582 or 1583 in Lanark , South Lanarkshire , Scotland ; † 1645 ) was a Scottish traveler, author and alleged spy , who claims to have covered about 36,000 miles on foot at the end of his countless journeys  .


He visited the Shetland Islands , Switzerland and Bohemia before 1610, and on March 9, 1609 he set out from Paris via Italy to Palestine and Egypt . His next trip took him from 1614 to 1616 to Tunis and in Morocco to Fès , his last from 1619 to 1621 to Spain ended with his arrest in Malaga and torture , first as a spy, then by the Inquisition . With the help of compatriots resident in Málaga, he was able to get back to England . During a long stay in Bath , England, financed by the English royal family , he was able to largely cure the injuries sustained during the torture, but the demand directed against the Spanish ambassador El Marqués de Espinar for financial compensation for the pain suffered remained unsuccessful. He described his travels in the book Rare Adventures and Paineful Peregrinations , and he also wrote The Siege of Breda , The Siege of Newcastle and Poems .


  • Rare Adventures and Paineful Peregrinations , 1614
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  • The Siege of Breda , 1637
  • The Siege of Newcastle
  • Poems

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