Markbygden wind farm

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"Markbygden wind farm"
country Sweden
Type Onshore wind farm
Primary energy Wind energy
power > 4 GW (electric)
operator various
turbine various
Website Website of the designer
was standing June 2018

The wind farm Markbygden is a property under construction wind farm cluster in near the northern Swedish town of Piteå . It consists of various sub-areas, which are divided into three construction phases and a pilot project. The project is planned by Svewind, part of the space was sold to partly unknown owners. A total of around 1100 wind turbines with an installed capacity of more than 4 GW are to be installed. It is therefore also marketed under the 1101 * brand. As of June 2018, all construction phases have received building permits.

Construction phases

Pilot phase

The preliminary phase consists of the following two projects:

  • Dragalids - The 12 wind turbines have a total installed capacity of 24 MW. The wind farm has been in full operation since December 2010, and 2 of the turbines went into operation at the end of 2008.
  • Stor-Blåliden - road construction started in 2014, construction started in 2016, 8 turbines are to be erected.

Phase 1

Construction phase 1 consists of the three different sub-areas Ersträsk , Skogberget and Markbygden ETT (Swedish: one), which have an installed capacity of 183, 84 and 650 MW. A total of 314 turbines with a total output of 917 MW are planned. Both Ersträsk and Markbygden ETT are under construction as of June 2018.

With its 650 MW, Markbygden ETT will be the largest contiguous wind farm in Europe. 179 GE 3.6-137 wind turbines will be installed there , which will be equipped with a rotor blade de-icing system due to the environmental conditions at the site . A power purchase contract for 19 years was concluded with the aluminum producer Norsk Hydro for this area . In this way, Norsk Hydro wants to keep the purchase price constant for a large part of the electrical energy it needs. In July 2018, the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group took over 75% of the shares in the 179 wind turbine project.

As of November 2018, there are 26 Enercon E-103 EP2 wind turbines with an output of 2.35 MW each in the Ersträsk sub-area . In addition, 42 Enercon E-126 EP3 turbines with a nominal output of 3 MW are to be built by the end of 2019 .

Skogberget was completed in 2013 and also consists of Enercon systems. 36 Enercon E-92 turbines with a total of 84.6 MW were used there.

Phase 2

Construction phase 2 received the building permit at the end of 2015. 201 Enercon E-138 EP3s are currently being installed there. The project is being developed by Enercon and is under construction as of November 2018. It is supposed to have 1.1 GW, the first ground work has already started. It should be completed in the third quarter of 2021, and the grid connection should be available from July 2020. A substation with a capacity of 1.3 GW is being built in Trolltjärn . The network operator is Svenska kraftnät .

Phase 3

Construction phase 3 is to include the installation of 442 wind turbines with a total of around 1.8 GW of installed capacity. This expansion phase was initially granted building permits in 2016. After a lawsuit, this was initially suspended, but the original approval was confirmed in June 2018.

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