Winter vegetables

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A kale plant

As winter vegetables is known vegetables , which mainly in the winter are harvested and the entire winter can be eaten on in part by their shelf life.

The winter vegetables include many varieties from the cruciferous genus , especially the cabbage varieties such as B. white cabbage , red cabbage , cauliflower , Brussels sprouts , kale or kohlrabi , as well as brown mustard (especially the green-in-snow variety ) and the cabbage or turnip . In addition, the root parsley and parsnip , carrots , black salsify , leek , beetroot , various winter pumpkin varieties , chicory , postelein , Jerusalem artichoke and yacon .

These vegetables have lost a lot of their importance as exclusively seasonal foods. Due to the intensification of agriculture, technological warehousing and global trade , a large number of different types of vegetables are available all year round.


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