Vladimir Iossifowitsch Weksler

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Russian postage stamp in honor of Veksler and his discovery of phase focusing ("principle of auto-phasing").

Vladimir Veksler ( Russian Владимир Иосифович Векслер ., Scientific transliteration Vladimir Veksler Iosifovič , born February 19 . Jul / 4. March  1907 greg. In Zhitomir ; † 22. September 1966 in Moscow ) was a Soviet physicist .


Weksler studied at the Lomonosov University in Moscow, where he made his diploma in electrical engineering in 1931, received his doctorate in physics in 1934 ( Russian candidate ) and completed his habilitation in 1934 (Russian doctorate). From 1930 to 1936 he was at the All Union Institute for Electrical Engineering, then until 1956 at the Lebedev Institute and then for the rest of his career at the United Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna . Weksler was director there and responsible for the construction of the 10 GeV proton synchrophasotron (built 1953 to 1957). During this time he kept his contacts with the Lebedev Institute and also taught at Lomonosov University.

At the Lebedev Institute, he also studied cosmic radiation , for which he took part in expeditions to Central Asia.

In 1945 , independently of Edwin Mattison McMillan, he laid the foundations for the construction of the synchrotron at the Lebedew Institute. The development of the phase focusing is essential here, taking into account the relativistic increase in mass of the accelerated particles.

Weksler belonged to the Soviet Academy of Sciences . He founded their journal for nuclear physics and was their first editor.

Weksler advocated international cooperation early on. For several years he headed the Commission for High Energy Physics of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics . On October 24, 1963, he and Edwin Mattison McMillan received the Atoms for Peace Award .

Awards and honors

Since 1994, the Russian Academy of Sciences has awarded the Weksler Prize for outstanding achievements in the field of accelerator physics .


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