Vladimir Viktorovich Aksyonov

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Vladimir Viktorovich Aksyonov
Vladimir Viktorovich Aksyonov
Country: USSR
selected on March 27, 1973
Calls: 2 space flights
Start of the
first space flight:
September 15, 1976
Landing of the
last space flight:
June 9, 1980
Time in space: 11d 20h 11min 47s
retired on 17th October 1988
Space flights

Vladimir Viktorovich Aksjonow ( Russian Владимир Викторович Аксёнов ; born February 1, 1935 in Giblizy near Kassimow , Ryazan Oblast , Russian SFSR ) is a former Soviet cosmonaut .

The pilot of the Soviet Air Force studied engineering at several universities. Aksjonow graduated from an engineering college, the air force college and the polytechnic institute. Finally, as a candidate in technical sciences at the All-Unions-Institut für Polytechnique, he obtained the academic degree of graduate engineer in 1981 ; on March 27, 1973 Aksjonow was selected as a cosmonaut by the "Central Design Office of Mechanical Engineering - Fili Branch " .

Space flights

In 1976, he took part in the Soyuz 22 flight as a flight engineer . In 1980 he also flew to the Salyut 6 space station as a flight engineer for the sixth guest team . The Soyuz T-2 served as the feeder spaceship , on which the Soyuz-T was manned for the first time. After his departure, Vladimir Aksjonow became director of an institute for the exploration of mineral resources.

Aksjonow is married and has two children. He was honored as Hero of the Soviet Union on September 28, 1976 and June 16, 1980 .


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