Wolf-Dieter Schuegraf

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Wolf-Dieter Schuegraf (* 1940 in Munich ) is a German business graduate and former head of the city libraries in Braunschweig ( Braunschweig City Library since 2007 ).


Schuegraf studied business and economics as well as law. On June 16, 1980, he succeeded Ottokar Israel as head of the city library and the public library . On an interim basis, he took over the provisional management of the Braunschweig City Archives until December 31, 1980 . There he was followed in office by Manfred RW Garzmann . His successor in the management of the city library was Luitgard Camerer . Together with Herbert Blume , he was also on the board of the Braunschweig Literary Association .

Schuegraf lives in the Braunschweig district of Mascherode , the history of which he helped to describe in the 2016 commemorative publication 825 Years of Mascherode .

Works (selection)

as (co-) editor:

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