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Wolfgang Hartung (born September 6, 1933 in Magdeburg ) is a German lawyer who is best known for his publications on professional law .


After completing his professional training as an industrial clerk , Hartung began studying law at the University of Cologne , which he completed in 1958 with the first state examination in law. After studying at university, he completed his traineeship in the district of the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court , which ended in 1962 with the completion of the second state examination in law. During this time the doctorate to Dr. iur. to the then President of the Federal Labor Court, Hans Carl Nipperdey, about the restriction of disposal of marital household effects .

In 1964 Hartung was admitted to the bar at the Mönchengladbach District and Regional Court and one year later he joined a well-known Mönchengladbach law firm as a partner .

In 1973, Hartung began to become involved in legal self-administration through his election to the board of directors of the Düsseldorf Bar Association , to which he was a member until 2001, and since 1991 as vice-president. During this time he also worked as chair examiner in the second state examination in law at the state examination office of North Rhine-Westphalia and - from 1994 to 2002 - as a member of the constitutional assembly of the Federal Bar Association .

After the German reunification , he helped found the Saxony-Anhalt Bar Association in his hometown . Joachim Sattler , who later became President of this Chamber, described Hartung's contribution as follows:

His passionate plea for the free lawyer was determined by the reunification euphoria that had seized him in his old hometown, but was not heard by those who were dominated by existential fears. For them, his prophecy that the GDR lawyers would now forget everything or almost everything - what they had learned so far - and instead would have to acquire a law that was previously completely alien to them was demoralizing.

His in-depth scientific work began in 1997, when the first edition of the commentary on the Federal Lawyers' Act published by Martin Henssler and Hanns Prütting appeared. Hartung commented there by name on the fourth part on the bar associations , the eighth part on the legal profession at the Federal Court of Justice and the ninth part on the federal bar association and its organs. In 1997 he published the commentary on the professional code of conduct for lawyers and on the code of law for specialist lawyers, which in the meantime he published alone and today together with Hartmut Scharmer, which is referred to in the literature as the "standard commentary". In addition, Hartung, together with Herbert Schons and Horst-Reiner Enders, publishes another commentary on the Lawyers' Remuneration Act. In addition, he contributed as an author to further commentaries and manuals and, together with Volker Römermann, wrote a textbook on professional law.


Selected publications

  • Restriction of disposal in the case of marital household goods - For the interpretation of §§ 1365 to 1369 BGB with special consideration of § 1369 BGB. Zugl. Dissertation, Cologne 1962.
  • (Mithrsg.): Commentary on the professional and specialist lawyer regulations , 6th edition, Munich 2016, ISBN 978-3-406-67035-0 .
  • (Mithrsg.): Commentary on the Lawyers' Remuneration Act , 3rd edition, Munich 2017, ISBN 978-3-406-69507-0 .
  • Legal professional law , 3rd edition, Munich 2018 (together with Volker Römermann), ISBN 978-3-406-71698-0 .
  • Office community for lawyers , Munich 2010 (together with Hartmut Scharmer), ISBN 978-3-406-59632-2 .

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