Wolfram Berner

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Wolfram Berner (* 1978 in Marbach am Neckar ) is a German archivist and historian .

Berner studied history and German in Stuttgart . He then studied archival science in Marburg . From 2006 to 2014 he worked at the Baden-Württemberg State Archives in Stuttgart and Wertheim . Since 2014 he has been working alongside Thomas Schulz as a district archivist for the Ludwigsburg district . His publications deal with the history of transport and the economy in the Stuttgart region . Since 2008 he has been campaigning for the reactivation of the Bottwartalbahn as a regional light rail. The project includes the restoration of old sections of the route as well as new routes.

Wolfram Berner has played bass and guitar in the band Die Siffer he co-founded since 1994 .


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