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Main State Archives Stuttgart

Logo of the main state archive in Stuttgart
Logo of the main state archive in Stuttgart
Archive type State Archives
place Stuttgart
Visitor address Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse 4
carrier State of Baden-Württemberg
Organizational form Department (until 2005 authority)
View from the north

The Main State Archive Stuttgart (abbreviation: HStAS ) is the archive responsible for the ministries of the state of Baden-Württemberg . It also contains the holdings of the county or the Duchy of Württemberg up to 1806, of the Württemberg central authorities of the 19th and 20th centuries and of the lordships and imperial cities in southern Württemberg that fell to Württemberg as a result of the mediatization at the beginning of the 19th century . In addition, there is the non-state tradition and the audio-visual archive, which is central to Baden-Württemberg. The Stuttgart State Archives have been located right next to the Württemberg State Library at Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse 4 in Stuttgart since 1969 . Until 2005, the main state archive was an independent authority , since then it has been a department of the Baden-Württemberg State Archive, which was founded at the time .

Archival material


The archive material is divided into hundreds of archive holdings. The criterion for the creation of an archive inventory is usually the origin ( provenance principle ) or the type of material of the documents. The archive holdings are grouped into different, hierarchically arranged holdings groups. At the top level of the inventory groups there are the following 15 inventory groups, called series:

Sign. series area Dating scope description
A. Old Württemberg Archive Old Württemberg unknown 4989 m Archives of the county, the Duchy and the Electorate of Württemberg from the Middle Ages to 1805.
B. New Württemberg rulers Neuwuerttemberg (southern part) 1090-1939 1668 m Archives of the political territories that fell to Württemberg from 1802–1810 (southern part of Württemberg; the northern part of Württemberg is in the Ludwigsburg State Archives).
C. Imperial and district institutions before 1806 Württemberg 1391 - 19th century 0462 m Archives of the Rottweiler court , the Reich Chamber Court and the Swabian Reich Circle .
E. Cabinet, Privy Council , Ministries 1806–1945 Württemberg 1806-1945 2813 m Archives of the highest regional authorities of Württemberg ( Kingdom , People's State ) from 1806 to 1945.
EA Ministries and central offices since 1945 Baden-Wuertt. unknown 6597 m Archives of the central authorities of Württemberg-Baden and Baden-Württemberg.
G Württemberg house archive 12th century-1928 0142 m A selection of 344 members of the Württemberg family, founded in 1807, with archive material from the Württ. Cabinet, individual members of the royal family and various Württ. Authorities.
GU Archive of the Dukes of Urach unknown 0123 m Archives of the Urach family, a branch of the Württemberg family established in 1801 (duke title since 1867).
H Selective Württemberg unknown 0875 m Archival material that actually belongs in the A or B series, but has been removed from them for various reasons.
J Collections Baden-Wuertt. unknown 0891 m Collections of documents, printed matter, seals, coats of arms, slides, posters, paper photos and aerial photos, plus microfiches from files of the American military government.
L. Country archive with parliament archives Württemberg 15th century-1933 0441 m Archives of the old Württemberg landscape , the estates of the Kingdom of Württemberg and the Württemberg state parliament of the Weimar Republic .
M. Military stocks Württemberg Army 1806-1945 2421 m Archival material of the Württemberg military administration from 1871 to approx. 1920, including collection material (bequests, pictures) from 1806 to 1945.
N Maps, plans and drawings unknown unknown Collection.
P Deposit unknown 0517 m Archived material from various institutions, associations, clubs, families and individuals.
Q Legacies , association and family archives unknown 0527 m Archives of various associations, families, politicians and other public figures
R. Audiovisual archive unknown unknown Film and audio documents of various origins (broadcasters, political parties, state parliament, authorities, courts, associations, clubs, families, individuals).

Holdings and archival items

Each series is coded with a signature (letters). Between the level of the series and the level of the inventory there are usually further levels of inventory groups. Each archival item (for example a file) also has a signature. The overall signature resulting from these signature parts is used to order and cite the archive material. Examples:

Series A: Old Württemberg Archive
Inventory group A 201-A 276: Secular Central Authorities
Stock group A 201-A 205 a: Privy Council
File A 204: Protocols of the Privy Council
Records unit "Bü 278": minutes of the Privy Council. 1803
This archival material unit has the collective signature "A 204 Bü 278". It is a file ("tuft").
Series H: Selective
Holdings group H 51-H 52a: Select documents
Stock H 51: Kaiserselect
Archival records unit "U 1": Emperor Karl (the Great) donates his regalis villa Ulm to the Reichenau monastery, appoints his relatives Adalbert as guardian bailiff in Ulm with the approval of the abbot and the monks there and at the same time determines the legal relationship in which these guardian bailiffs will be Monastery should stand. 813
This archive material unit has the collective signature "H 51 U 1". It is a parchment document from the 9th century.
Series N: Maps, plans and drawings
Stock group N 100-N 120: Printed cards
Inventory N 100: Older printed maps
Archival records "No. 437": Fürstenthumbs Wurtenberg. 16th century
This archival material unit has the collective signature "N 100 No. 437". It is a printed map.

(There is detailed information on each archival item. Only the signature, title and date are given.)


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