YAML (framework)

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YAML (Yet Another Multicolumn Layout)
Basic data

developer Dirk Jesse
Current  version 4.1.2
(July 13, 2013)
operating system independently
category Web design
License CC-BY 2.0 or fee-based license models for commercial use
Official website

YAML ( Y et A nother M ulticolumn L ayout) is a CSS framework and tutorial and provides a cross-browser framework. It enables web designers to create a barrier-free website with comparatively little effort. Integrations of the YAML basic layout exist for various content management systems , including a. for WordPress , LifeType , TYPO3 , Joomla , xt: Commerce or Drupal .

From version 2.2, YAML is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license (CC-BY 2.0) . There are two alternative license models available for commercial use of the framework.

CMS templates based on YAML

There are a number of templates for the YAML framework , including: a. for various CMS and shop systems such as

YAML Builder

The so-called YAML Builder exists for the YAML framework , a tool for creating YAML-based CSS layouts. As an independent website in the form of a WYSIWYG program, it shows adjustments directly in the browser and delivers the HTML and the necessary CSS code that is required for the corresponding design as the result.

Collaboration with jQuery

YAML is delivered with jQuery from version 3.0 . jQuery is a JavaScript framework to dynamically change and animate websites (in the browser). The coordination of both frameworks simplifies the development of dynamic websites.

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