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Yoshihiro Tatsumi, 2010

Yoshihiro Tatsumi ( Japanese 辰 巳 ヨ シ ヒ ロ , Tatsumi Yoshihiro ; born June 10, 1935 in Ōsaka ; † March 7, 2015 in Tokyo ) was a Japanese cartoonist . He coined the Gekiga , manga with serious topics for an adult audience, and in 1957 also created the name of this genre.

life and work

Yoshihiro Tatsumi began to draw his own manga as a teenager. By 1956 Tatsumi had published 17 mangas. Together with others, he started the manga magazine Kage , which was aimed at an adult target group and sold through lending libraries. With the Kuroi Fubuki , published that year, he founded the genus of Gekiga. The noir thriller is about two men on the run from prison who are handcuffed together. Another early Gekiga Tatsumis is Yurei Takushi from 1957. He published many other short stories. For a long time he published mainly in Garo magazine , which did not pay a fee but offered greater freedom. In 1972 he was honored with the Japan Manga Association Award for the short story Daihakken , which was reprinted several times and appeared as Good-Bye in the USA . From 1995 to 2006 his autobiographical work Gegen den Strom was published in series in Japan and later translated into several languages. In 2009 Tatsumi received the Osamu Tezuka Cultural Award for the work . Recently, however, his stories in Japan have been less successful than their translations abroad. Before his death, Tatsumi was working on a sequel to Against the Current, the plot of which ends in the late 1960s.

Tatsumi was influenced by Alexandre Dumas and Mickey Spillane . In his stories he often showed a dark Japan in which normal people are exposed to their fate. His short stories are snapshots of everyday life in Japan in the second half of the 20th century. They are often inspired by actual experiences and observations Tatsumi or by newspaper articles that Tatsumi had read. When a story was being implemented, he would also go to the location of the plot to make drawings and do research.

Tasumi died on March 7, 2015 in Tokyo at the age of 79 of complications from cancer.


  • Kuroi Fubuki (黒 い 吹 雪 , 1956)
  • Yurei Takushi (1957)
  • Tokyo Ubasuteyama ( 東京 う ば す て 山 , 1970)
  • Daihakken (1971–1972)
  • Against the Current (劇 画 漂流 , Gekiga Hyōryū , 1995-2006)
  • Gekiga Yose: Shibahama ( 劇 画 寄 席 芝 浜 , 2009)


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