Zacharias Kopystenski

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Zacharias Kopystenski

Zacharias Kopystenski ( Polish Zachariasz Kopysteński , Ukrainian Захарія Копистенський Sacharija Kopystenskyj , * second half of the 16th century in Przemyśl , Ruthenian Voivodeship , Poland-Lithuania ; † March 21, 1627 in Kiev , author and theimandrite of the Russian Empire ) was an Orthodox archaeologist and theimandrite Kiev Pechersk Lavra (1624–1627).


Zacharias Kopystenski was the nephew of Michael Kopystenski . He studied in all probability in Lwów and went to Kiev in 1616 at the invitation of Archimandrite Jelyssej Pletenezkyj (1550-1624), where he joined the Kiev Brotherhood . He wrote some theological writings, especially polemical literature and several translations of Greek theological and liturgical texts,

On November 20, 1624 he became Archimandrite of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra. He died in Kiev in 1627 and was buried in the Assumption Cathedral of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. He was succeeded by Petro Mohyla .


  • Horarium , 1617, a book of hours from the Greek
  • His main work was the Palinodija , 1621, a comprehensive presentation of the orthodox theology of the Kiev school directed against the Brest Union , which was read as a manuscript in orthodox circles and only published in 1876.
  • His funeral sermons to his predecessor Jelyssej Pletenezkyj were published in 1625.
  • Nomokanon , 1625, from the Greek, as well
  • some writings by John Chrysostom , from the Greek.

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