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Avedis Zildjian Company

legal form Holding company
founding 1623
Seat United StatesUnited States Norwell , Massachusetts
Branch Musical instrument making
Website zildjian.com

Zildjian is an American company based in Norwell , Massachusetts , the drums - basins like and accessories drumsticks produced.

Zildjian was founded in Constantinople in 1623 as an Armenian family business. The family name Zildjian , given by Sultan Osman II in 1608, comes from Turkish ( Zilciyan ) and means "son of the cymbal blacksmith ". At the end of the 17th century, German composers discovered the cymbals for European classical music . Zildjian cymbals are also used in military bands.

Zildjian crash pool

When Aram Zildjian joined the Armenian national movement at the beginning of the 20th century, he had to flee to Bucharest in 1909 and initially set up a cymbal production facility there.

In 1927, the nephew of the family and thus company head Aram, Avedis III , who lived in the USA, took over the company and rebuilt it in Quincy , Massachusetts in 1929 . This decision coincided with the beginning of the jazz era, which helped Zildjian's establishment on the American market. In 1981 Avedis III began. Zildjian's son, Robert Zildjian , to manufacture in Canada under the new - meanwhile established - company name Sabian Basin. At the end of 2010 it was announced that the Avedis Zildjian Company was merging with the drumstick manufacturer Vic Firth .

Zildjian is the oldest of the world's drum cymbal leaders.


  • A Avedis - top series produced to this day.
  • A Custom - very popular and dearly traded series.
  • A Zildjian
  • Classic Orchestral
  • Concert stage
  • FX Cymbals - Zildjian's Effects Department. There you will find cymbals that are used by percussionists and drummers of all styles. The China Trash cymbals, which produce a "dirty" sound, deserve special mention.
  • GEN16
  • I cymbals
  • K Constantinople
  • K Constantinople Orchestral
  • K Custom cymbals originate from the K Zildjian series and are manufactured using complex hammering techniques. These cymbals are characterized by a complex "dry" sound.
  • K Symphonic
  • K Zildjian - are made to this day. The version of this series, which was still produced in Turkey at the time, has cult status today. These coveted pools are traded at very high prices, which far exceed the original price at the time.
  • Kerope
  • L80 low volume
  • Planet Z - entry-level series
  • S band
  • S family
  • stage
  • Symphonic tone
  • Z3 - the loudest series with the thickest cymbals, which is mostly used in rock or metal.
  • Z-MAC

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