(976) Benjamin

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(976) Benjamina
Properties of the orbit ( animation )
Orbit type Main belt asteroid
Major semi-axis 3.2067  AU
eccentricity 0.0957
Perihelion - aphelion 2.8999 AU - 3.5134 AU
Inclination of the orbit plane 7.655 °
Sidereal period 5,742 a
Mean orbital velocity 16.63 km / s
Physical Properties
Medium diameter 80.52 km
Albedo 0.056
Rotation period 9.746 h
Absolute brightness 9,358 likes
Spectral class ?
Explorer B. P. Schechowski
Date of discovery 1922
Another name 1922 LU, A910 AB
Source: Unless otherwise stated, the data comes from JPL Small-Body Database Browser . The affiliation to an asteroid family is automatically determined from the AstDyS-2 database . Please also note the note on asteroid items.

(976) Benjamina is an asteroid of the main belt , which was discovered on March 27, 1922 by the Russian astronomer Beniamin Pavlovich Schechowski in Algiers .

The asteroid is named after the discoverer's son.

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