Aegean plate

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Aegean Sea and Anatolian Plates map-fr.png

The Aegean plate , also Aegean microplate or Hellenic plate is a continental plate in southeastern Europe. In the north it borders on the Eurasian plate , in the east on the Anatolian plate , in the south on the African plate , in the west on the Apulian plate .

On the Aegean Plate in the south of Greece are the Peloponnese , the Attica peninsula , the islands of Euboea , Crete , Santorin and Therasia as well as the southern Ionian Islands to Lefkada in the north, the Cyclades , the northern and southern Sporades . The southern limit to the African plate is formed by the Hellenic Arc south of Crete.

The area is very often shaken by earthquakes due to the subduction of the African plate under the Aegean plate in the course of plate tectonics .

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