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Élina Janine Alice Henri-Labourdette (born May 21, 1919 in Paris , † September 30, 2014 in Le Mesnil-le-Roi ) was a French theater and film actress .


Élina Labourdette was born in 1919 as the daughter of a coachbuilder in Paris . At first she wanted to become a dancer, but had to give up her dream of becoming a prima ballerina for health reasons . During her school days she took her first acting lessons from Eve Francis . At the age of 19 she made her film debut in G. W. Pabst's Le Drame de Shanghaï (1938). She then went to England for six months , where, in addition to teaching English, she also took courses in singing and acting at a school.

After the Second World War she was then seen in Robert Bresson's film The Ladies of the Bois de Boulogne (1945), with which she gained greater fame in France. In 1950 she joined the company Renaud-Barrault, with whom she regularly played theater in parallel to her film career. She also worked as a voice actress and, for example, lent Grace Kelly in the French version of Mogambo (1953) her voice. In 1956 she starred in White Daisies, directed by Jean Renoir, alongside Ingrid Bergman and Jean Marais . From the late 1950s, she also appeared several times in French television films.

Labourdette was married to the writer Louis Pauwels (1920-1997).

Filmography (selection)

  • 1938: Le Drame de Shanghai
  • 1943: Des jeunes filles dans la nuit
  • 1945: The Ladies of the Bois de Boulogne (Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne)
  • 1950: Gangsters of the Air (Les Aventuriers de l'air)
  • 1950: Rendezvous in Paris (Le Château de verre)
  • 1951: Edouard and Caroline ( Edouard et Caroline )
  • 1951: Monsieur Fabre
  • 1955: After Paris with Love (To Paris with Love)
  • 1956: Papa, Mama, my wife and I (Papa, maman, ma femme et moi)
  • 1956: White daisies (Elena et les hommes)
  • 1957: The Truth About Women
  • 1958: La Répétition ou L'Amour puni (TV film)
  • 1960: The Falls of Monsieur Cabrol (Les Cinq Dernières Minutes) (TV series, one episode)
  • 1960: La Nuit des suspectes
  • 1961: Lola, the girl from the harbor (Lola)
  • 1961: Holidays in Hell (Les vacances en enfer)
  • 1962: Parisian women (Les Parisiennes)
  • 1962: Snobs!
  • 1962: The third dimension (Le Couteau dans la plaie)
  • 1963: At the end of all roads (Le Glaive et la Balance)
  • 1964: La Cousine Bette (TV movie)
  • 1968: Like Young Wolves (Les Jeunes Loups)
  • 1970: Le Clair de terre
  • 1974: President Faust (TV movie)
  • 1974: Julie Charles (TV movie)
  • 1974: Les Jardins du roi (TV movie)
  • 1977: Les Jeunes Filles (TV movie)
  • 1979: Les Moyens du bord (TV movie)
  • 1983: Deux amies d'enfance (TV miniseries)
  • 2011: Le Dernier Kodachrome

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