Austrian Catholic Biblical Works

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Austrian Catholic Biblical Works

legal form Work of the Austrian Bishops' Conference
founding September 1, 1966
Seat Vienna , Austria

The Österreichisches Katholische Bibelwerk is a Roman Catholic educational institution and a publisher of the Austrian Bishops' Conference specializing in the distribution of the Bible . It was founded on September 1, 1966 and was initially based in Klosterneuburg . Since 2015 the biblical work has been located in the Nestroy birthplace, Bräunerstraße 3, in the 1st district of Vienna.


It was founded one year after the end of the Second Vatican Council . The settlement in Klosterneuburg was found there because already before the Council in addition to the People's Liturgical Apostolate (later called Pius Parsch Institute) and 1950 Klosterneuburg Biblical Apostolate ( Pius Parsch ) had been launched and there as early as 1926, the magazine Bible and Liturgy was issued . The Austrian Catholic Biblical Works is a canonical institution that is valid as a legal person and is associated with the biblical pastoral departments of the Austrian dioceses, etc. a. also with the Linz Biblical Works , as well as with bible pastoral educational institutions, etc. a. networked with the Greisinghof and the Batschuns Education Center.


The publishing house deals with the distribution of biblical and religious literature through bookshops , its own mail order book trade and an internet shop . The scope of services also includes the delivery of the Bible as a school book .

The organization's task is also to promote contacts between biblical scholars working and researching at Austrian universities through meetings and to maintain connections to the Catholic biblical works in neighboring countries, with the Catholic World Biblical Federation as well as with ecumenism and the media.

The working group of assistants at biblical institutes in Austria has acted as an advisory body since 1981.


The Biblical Works is a member of the Forum for Catholic Adult Education in Austria and the Catholic Biblical Federation .




  • Norbert Höslinger (from 1966 to 1999, previously from 1957 head of the popular liturgical apostolate and the Klosterneuburg Bible apostolate)
  • Wolfgang Schwarz (from 2004 to 2017)
  • Elisabeth Birnbaum (since 2017)

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