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The Catholic Biblical Works e. V. ( KBW ), based in Stuttgart , was founded in 1933 as a movement by lay people and theologians interested in the Bible . The Bible work today has about 20,000 members. To promote the spread of the Holy Scriptures, a publishing house was founded as early as 1937 , which is now called Verlag Katholisches Bibelwerk GmbH . The Catholic Bibles represent the rights to the standard translation .


The "Catholic Bible Movement", founded on September 22nd, 1933, arose from the spirit of the liturgical movement , which since the beginning of the 20th century in the Catholic Church has propagated communion in worship, the use of Scripture and the vernacular in worship. The purpose of the association was formulated in the statutes: "To promote the dissemination of the Holy Scriptures among the Catholic people in accordance with the instructions of the church authorities and to make the works of the Book of Books accessible to the people in every possible way."

In 1946 the membership magazine “ Bibel und Kirche ” , which still exists today, was founded, and in 1965 the second membership magazine “ Bibel heute ” was added, which currently has 16,000 subscribers. From 1996 onwards, a magazine with a historical and archaeological focus “ World and Environment of the Bible ” is published, currently with a circulation of around 10,000 copies. All three journals pursue the goal of making the theologically and scientifically founded knowledge about and about the Bible accessible to a broad audience. The “reading aids” for the Bible texts that are read in the Sunday readings ( lectionary ) of the Roman Catholic Church also serve this purpose .


The Katholische Bibelwerk eV is represented in all dioceses in Germany by diocesan leaders . It conducts Bible courses, publishes materials on Bible study and publishes the three named magazines. Together with the Protestant German Bible Society , it is behind the ecumenical working group "Biblical Travel eV"

Egbert Ballhorn has been CEO since 2019, succeeding Michael Theobald .


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