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An educational institution (also educational institution ) represents an institution which either has an original educational mandate following a state or municipal ordinance or which is assigned an indirect educational mandate. Educational institutions can either be found in the field of public education or in independent sponsorship, whereby municipalities in particular also entrust independent organizations with public educational tasks.

In recent years, the cooperation between related educational institutions has increased significantly, but so has their international networking (→ educational network ).

Public educational institutions

The public educational institutions with an original educational mandate include:

The following public educational institutions have an indirect educational mandate:

Non-public educational institutions

There are also a large number of non-public educational institutions. The sponsor of such an institution can be, for example, a company , an interest group , an association or an individual. Examples:

Other forms of educational institutions

Sometimes educational institutions are also an integral part of other organizations and are intended as part of basic, advanced or advanced training in their organizational processes. These include, for example, departments for training and further education , knowledge management and innovation management .

Educational institutions often constitute a network organization, i. H. several project partners bring resources and personnel into their own new organization, which as a competence center offers or coordinated educational services. Example for this:

  • Expert networks
  • Projects for regional education marketing ("learning region")

Private educational corporations

The education sector is increasingly being discovered by private education groups. An Australian study predicts that the demand for higher education will quadruple over the next 20 years. The global educational volume is around $ 2,200 billion (study by the investment bank Merrill Lynch ).

In June 2007 Educationtrend AG, Hamburg, a daughter who has investment company Aton GmbH , 23 million euros in the International University in Germany Bruchsal and the Hanseatic University Rostock Rostock invested (PHU). In July 2007, the Bad Honnef Bonn International University (today IUBH) was taken over by Florian Schütz and Munich Auctus. And the Ernst Klett Verlag had commanded the FH Bad Honnef.

In August 2006, the Phorms Management bilingual school opened in the Mitte district of Berlin . Additional locations will be opened in summer 2007 in Cologne, Munich and Frankfurt.

Laureate Education Inc. is one of the largest private education groups .


Private and institutional further education is increasingly taking place today through the Internet .

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