(3360) Syrinx

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(3360) Syrinx
Properties of the orbit ( animation )
Orbit type Apollo type
Major semi-axis 2.4678  AU
eccentricity 0.7434
Perihelion - aphelion 0.6333 AU - 4.3022 AU
Inclination of the orbit plane 21.426 °
Sidereal period 3,877 a
Mean orbital velocity 18.96 km / s
Physical Properties
Medium diameter 1.8 km
Albedo 0.17
Rotation period indefinite
Absolute brightness 15,994 likes
Spectral class indefinite
Explorer EF Helin , RS Dunbar
Date of discovery 1981
Another name 1981 VA
Source: Unless otherwise stated, the data comes from JPL Small-Body Database Browser . The affiliation to an asteroid family is automatically determined from the AstDyS-2 database . Please also note the note on asteroid items.

(3360) Syrinx is an asteroid of the Apollo-type , which on 4 November 1981 by Eleanor Francis Helin and R. Scott Dunbar at Mount Palomar was discovered. Syrinx is an Apollo asteroid and thus crosses the earth's orbit.

The asteroid was named after the river nymph Syrinx , who is one of the main characters in the musical work Pan and Syrinx by the Danish composer Carl Nielsen .

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