3rd Baltic Front

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The 3rd Baltic Front ( Russian 3-й Прибалтийский фронт ) was a major unit of the Red Army in World War II and was formed on April 18, 1944 from the headquarters of the 20th Army around the armies of the southern wing of the Leningrad Front (42nd, 54th) . and 67th Army). The 1st Shock Army and the 61st Army as well as the 10th Panzer Corps and the 2nd Guards Artillery Division were added later. In addition, the front had independent units and units.

From July 17, 1944, the 3rd Baltic Front attacked as part of the Pskov- Ostrov operation in the direction of Ostrow - Pskow and further on towards Valga . The 67th Army advanced with the 116th and 118th Rifle Corps of Generals Fetisow and Abakumow to the northwest in Estonia and took Tartu (Dorpat) on August 25, 1944 .

Between October 6 and 15, 1944, the front supported the attack of the 2nd Baltic Front (Army General Jerjomenko ) on the Latvian capital Riga . Maslennikov's armies attacked the eastern part of the city: Against the south-eastern part of the city, the 1st shock army under Lieutenant General Zachwatajew, to the right to the north the 80th Rifle Corps of the 61st Army and then the 67th Army under Lieutenant General VZ Romanowski against the Daugava as far as the Riga Bay Section. After the conquest of Riga, the 3rd Baltic Front was disbanded on October 16, 1944.

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