6th Panzer Army (Wehrmacht)

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6th Panzer Army

active September 1944 to May 9, 1945
Country German Reich NSGerman Reich (Nazi era) German Empire
Armed forces Wehrmacht
Armed forces Army ; Armed SS
Type army
Sole commander Sepp Dietrich

The 6th Panzer Army or the Panzer Army High Command 6 (unofficially (PzAOK 6) 6. (SS) Panzer Army or 6th SS Panzer Army called) was a major unit of the Army of the Wehrmacht during the Second World War . She was the high command of changing army corps and numerous special troops.


The association was formed in September 1944 in Wehrkreis VI from parts of the staff of the Wehrmacht Commander- in- Chief Belgium- North France and remnants of the General Command XII .

Areas of operation were France and Belgium - especially in the Ardennes offensive - from February 1945 in Hungary in the Lake Balaton offensive and from March in Austria in the defense of the Vienna Operation 1945 .

The remnants of the army surrendered on 8/9. May 1945 on the Enns near Steyr to the Americans .


The commanding officer was SS-Oberst-Gruppenführer and Generaloberst of the Waffen-SS Sepp Dietrich .


The association was divided into the following associations in March 1945 - at that time as part of Army Group South :

XXXXIII. Army Corps:
356th Infantry Division (from March 20)
Motorized Grenadier Brigade 92 (from March 20)
Division combat group "Feldherrnhalle" (formerly Panzergrenadier division "Feldherrnhalle")
I. Cavalry Corps:
3rd Cavalry Division
4th Cavalry Division
25th Hungarian Infantry Division
II. Hungarian Army Corps:
20th Hungarian Infantry Division
Hungarian Division "Szent Lászlo"
I. SS Panzer Corps :
1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler
12th SS Panzer Division "Hitler Youth"
23rd Panzer Division
II. SS Panzer Corps :
2nd SS Panzer Division "Das Reich"
9th SS Panzer Division "Hohenstaufen"
44th Reichsgrenadier Division "Hoch- und Deutschmeister"


The addition “(SS-)” or “SS-” in the name of the Panzer Army, which is often used in the literature, generally corresponds to the intention to separate the 6th Panzer Army by name from the 6th Army , which were both deployed in Hungary and Austria at the same time . In the Wehrmacht documents, the 6th Panzer Army staff is referred to as “Pz. AOK. 6 “(Panzer Army High Command 6). In preparation for the Lake Balaton offensive, the cover name “Höherer Pionierführer Hungary” or “Hö.Pi.Füh.Ung.” Was used for the unit and its commander-in-chief until March 18, 1945.


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