From now on ... democracy through referendum

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From now on ... democracy through referendum - politics for the people
Party leader Helmut Fleck
Secretary General Herbert Settele
vice-chairman Angelika Geerlings
Federal Treasurer Lothar Bollwig
founding 1997
Headquarters Siegburg
Alignment Direct democracy , national conservatism , nationalism
Number of members 1,000 (according to party information)
Former logo

From now ... democracy through referendum - politics for the people (abbreviation: referendum, spelling: from now ... democracy through referendum - politics for the people; candidacies until 2007 under From now ... Alliance for Germany list: Against immigration into the "social network" from 2007 under From now ... Alliance for Germany Party for Democracy through referendum, 2012 under Germany From now - Alliance for Germany, also known as De ) is a small German party whose program moves between national conservatism and elements of direct democracy . She rejects the euro as a fundamental currency and in her program is promoting the return to the D-Mark as the national currency within the EU. The people's vote is skeptical of modern medicine as a "cost factor of the established parties controlled by the pharmaceutical lobby" and promotes the equality of naturopathic methods in the health sector.

The party was classified as right-wing extremist by the protection of the constitution of North Rhine-Westphalia for several years , most recently in the 2006 report on the protection of the constitution. It would have expressed itself “clearly xenophobic ” and “the parties represented in the Bundestag and their representatives as initiators of one directed against the actual national interests of Germany Politics ”defamed, and the authority saw“ actual evidence for suspicion of right-wing extremist activities ”. The party is no longer mentioned in the 2007 report on the protection of the constitution.

Content profile

According to its statutes deposited with the Federal Returning Officer, the party's purpose is to “ achieve democracy through referendum in Germany” and to participate in elections to German parliaments and the European Parliament . The party invokes Article 20 of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany : “All state authority comes from the people. It is exercised by the people in elections and votes [...]. ”She speaks of a“ Europe of fatherlands ”and calls for a return to the D-Mark as the national currency. She also calls for the reintroduction of border controls, such as the "observation of suspicious people who register 'pro forma'", "motion pictures of burglar clans traveling around", "tougher punishments without parole" and the "immediate dissolution of the constitution protection" appeals but at the same time in the preamble to the current Basic Law.

The party "From now ... Democracy through referendum" declares diseases such as Alzheimer's, arthritis, allergies, diabetes, heart disease, depression, chronic fatigue and prostate ailments to be the consequences of poisoning and invokes theories of the naturopath Uwe Karstädts.

Instead of the prescribed conventional medical chemical drug treatment, she specifically advertises natural healing drugs and alternative forms of treatment, e.g. bioresonance therapy, in her party program. Algae are effective against cancer according to the "Israeli model". The party also speaks of the "AIDS lie". The effectiveness of organ transplants is also called into question as “organ madness” and “fatal error”. In terms of family and pension policy, it is important to the party that “only youth welfare officers and family judges from 'healthy families' can decide on child custody withdrawal”. The party notes literally: "An ideal family is the union of two people of different sex who live together in their first marriage and have raised at least two own biological children until they are of legal age." Finally, the party rejects genetic engineering and animal experiments for pharmaceutical purposes strictly and demands a ban. She declares the “carbon dioxide discussion” to be absurd and staged by lobbyists.

As part of the COVID-19 pandemic , the party calls for the "natural immune system to be strengthened with vitamins C and D3 ".

The party is calling for referendums based on the Swiss model. In its basic program of 2007 it says that Germany must demand “its equal place within the free peoples”. The issue of immigration and its limitation is of great importance. It is said that Germany suffers from “ overpopulation ”, which can be traced back to “immigration into the 'social network'” and is justified as follows: “Germany is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and can also tolerate environmental aspects (fine dust, smog, noise No further immigration. ”Accordingly, the party calls for the right to asylum to be restricted and for foreigners who have committed criminal offenses or who are dependent on social benefits to be deported . The party - popular vote - rejects foreign deployments of the Bundeswehr as a cost factor, but at the same time demands a "strong, well-equipped Bundeswehr". The costs that, in their opinion, could be saved by ending foreign assignments are better off for job creation and education.

The call for elections for the 2009 European elections and subsequent statements on European elections , however, no longer makes demands on immigration policy and focuses on social policy (financing through taxes, reducing burdens) and direct democracy.

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