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As a parliamentary group is referred to the organization as a faction in Parliament , in which the representatives of independent parties unite in a common fraction. The purpose of such a bipartisan faction is the common pursuit of common political goals.


This behavior has been the case with the members of the CDU and CSU since the German Bundestag was founded in 1949 : They form the CDU / CSU parliamentary group. According to Section 10 of the Rules of Procedure of the German Bundestag, this merger is possible without the consent of the Bundestag, because the two parties do not compete with each other in an electoral area: the CSU runs exclusively in Bavaria , the CDU in the other 15 German states , both parties campaign and in public appearances - for example on talk shows - separately with their own candidates. Since a party submits a country list of its candidates for election that is limited to the respective country in the federal elections, there is no mixing of the parties in the direct election decision of the voters: For example, the CSU chairmen Franz Josef Strauss and Edmund Stoiber were able to vote in the federal election in 1980 or in 2002 as " Chancellor candidates" of the Union parties , only to be elected as list leader of the CSU state list in Bavaria (or as direct candidates in their respective constituencies ).


In the past, every parliamentary group had to be approved by the Bundestag at the beginning of an electoral term . In 1969, at the instigation of the Union parties, the current regulation was introduced and the formation of a parliamentary group no longer requires approval.


In Belgium , the political parties are separated according to language community and each form a separate parliamentary group in the bilingual parliaments (the two chambers of the federal parliament and the Brussels parliament ). However, the Flemish Groen party and the French-speaking Ecolo party together form a parliamentary group in the Chamber of Deputies , and since 2014 also in the Senate .

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