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Agnes von Hohenberg , Duchess of Teck († June 5, 1366 ), was a daughter of Count Rudolf II of Hohenberg and married in 1349 Duke Conrad IV of Teck .


Agnes was a daughter of Count Rudolf II von Hohenberg († December 1389), who was a son of Hugo von Hohenberg and nephew of Prince-Bishop Albert II von Hohenberg and Rudolf von Hohenberg, who was an alcoholic in the year before his father's death Count Rudolf I von Hohenberg († 1336) died. Her mother was Margarete von Nassau († 1370), a daughter of Count Emicho I von Nassau-Hadamar , a cousin of King Adolf von Nassau .

On June 10, 1352, she undertook, together with her husband Konrad IV. Von Teck and his cousin Friedrich III. von Teck to keep several castles of the Margrave of Brandenburg, including the fortresses Ehrenberg , Rodenegg , Sarnthein , Stein am Ritten , Markt Mühlbach in the Puster Valley (South Tyrol) and Kastelruth open.

On September 4, 1352, her husband, Duke Konrad IV von Teck, was murdered in Munich.

In 1356, Duke Friedrich III. von Teck 5,000 fl ( guilders ), but in the same year she confirmed that she had received two annual installments of 3,000 fl each.

Agnes von Hohenberg died on June 5, 1366 and was buried in the collegiate church of St. Moriz in Rottenburg-Ehingen .

According to the Seelbuch of the Rottenburg Abbey, her and Duke Konrad's Anniversarium was celebrated on June 5th, but on June 3rd in the Carmelite Monastery of Rottenburg .

Agnes was with her mother the founder of the St. Ursulapfrunde in Ehingen. Her father, the ruling Count Rudolf II, had no descendants after Agnes' death. In 1381, bypassing his cousins ​​Rudolf and Heinrich von Hohenberg, who had already fraudulently sold their inheritance to the House of Württemberg, he sold his county to Duke Leopold III for 66,000 florins . von Habsburg , the great-grandson of King Rudolf von Habsburg and Gertrud von Hohenberg . From then on, Agnes' father was no longer called Count, but only Governor of the County of Hohenberg. He died in 1389 and, like his daughter and his wife, was buried in the collegiate church of St. Moritz.

Marriage and offspring

Agnes was married to Duke Conrad IV of Teck. They had no offspring.


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