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Original video animation
title AIKa
Original title ア イ カ
Country of production JapanJapan Japan
original language Japanese
Year (s) 1997-1999
Studio Studio Fantasia
length 30 minutes
Episodes 7 episodes + 1 "Special Trial"
genre Ecchi , comedy , science fiction , dystopia
Theme music Episodes 1–4: Mari Sasaki - Silent City
Episodes 5–7: Mink - Manatsu no Seiza
Director Katsuhiko Nishijima
music Jun'ichi Kanezaki

AIKa is an anime - OVA series, which was produced in 1997 and 1999 respectively. The title is derived from the name of the protagonist Aika Sumeragi. For the German-speaking area, the series was broadcast several times on VOX and subsequently on VIVA and GIGA ; but it is also available in stores (FSK 16). Directed by Katsuhiko Nishijima , the character design was created by Noriyasu Yamauchi with the assistance of Yūji Moriyama .

There are a total of seven 30-minute episodes in addition to a short interlude. The first season (1997) comprises four episodes, the second (1998) three.


After the sea level rose in 2016 due to a chain of natural disasters and the Japanese capital Tokyo sank into the sea, a new professional group of salvagers , agents who recover the many treasures sunken in the floods, is formed. A good twenty years after the catastrophe, the K2 organization received the order from Aika ( Japanese 皇 藍 華 , Sumeragi Aika ) and her assistant Rion ( 相 田 り お ん , Aida Rion ) to recover a mysterious source of energy, the lagu . But the siblings Nena and Rudolf Hagen with their DELMO organization are also after the Lagu, so that the conflicts between the two parties are not long in coming.

It is characteristic of the series that all female characters wear extremely short skirts, which can be seen from below again and again, including underwear (see fan service ).

AIKa has a special bustier (sometimes also called a bow, ribbon, or shield), which is a product of nanotechnology and which gives her superhuman strength in critical combat situations, but whose control requires a high level of willpower.


The German version of the series was dubbed in the Aaron Film studios in Nuremberg .

role Japanese speaker ( seiyū ) German speaker
Aika Sumeragi Rei Sakuma Simone Kloss
BA Bandora Hisako Kyōda Stefan Rieger
Gasto Turbolance Jūrōta Kosugi Bruno Niederprüm
Rudolf Hagen Kaneto Shiozawa Sascha Kaufmann
Meipia Aleymketalia Sakiko Tamagawa Nina Marschke
Nena Hagen Atsuko Tanaka Adeline Schebesch
Rion Aida Hiroko Konishi Christine Schlembach


The anime consists of two OVAs : "AIKa" and "AIKa New Mission". The first OVA was released in Germany on two VHS cassettes and later on a DVD, the latter dubbed and bilingual in 2001, with German subtitles.

About a year later the second OVA was released on another DVD, with roughly the same features as the previous release. OVA Films is responsible for this .

The series also appeared on two DVDs in the United States .

The OVA was continued in 2007 by the prequel AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission and in 2009 by AIKa Zero .

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