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Rei Sakuma ( Japanese 佐 久 間 レ イ , Sakuma Rei , real name: Reiko Sakuma ( 佐 久 間 玲子 , Sakuma Reiko ); born January 5, 1965 in Tokyo Prefecture ) is a Japanese voice actress ( seiyū ) and singer. She works for the 81 Produce agency . In Japan she is known for the role of Batako in the children's series Soreike! Anpanman .


She attended the Tōkyō-Bunka High School ( 東京 文化 高等学校 , Tōkyō bunko kōtō gakkō ). In 1982 she was the winner of the talent show Star Tanjō ( ス タ ー 誕生 , Stā Tanjō , German "Star Birth") on Nippon Television . In October 1982 she made her debut in the entertainment industry on the NHK music show Let's Go Young ( レ ッ ツ ゴ ー ヤ ン グ , Rettsu gō yangu ) as part of the group Sundays ( サ ン デ ー ズ , Sandēzu ). In February 1983 her debut single Hamidashi Tenshi appeared as an idol and in September Fu-ru-e-ru Kajitsu . As an idol, she also used the spelling 佐 久 間 麗 as an artist name. She married the voice actor Yū Mizushima (born Kenji Noda). Both were later divorced. She has a daughter.

In 1985 she made her debut as a voice actress in the series Yume no Hoshi no Button Nose (English title: Princess Strawberry ). Rei Sakuma has a very large vocal range. She is therefore not restricted to any age or personality type of her roles and speaks roles with the voice of a child to women with sex appeal.

With her colleagues from Ranma ½ Kikuko Inoue , Megumi Hayashibara , Noriko Hidaka and Minami Takayama she formed the music group DoCo and without Minami Takayama the music group Ties .

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The discography is limited to records / CDs on which she was the only singer. As a voice actress, she is also represented with songs on a large number of OSTs.

  • Hamidashi Tenshi ( は み だ し 天使 , 7 ″ single , released February 25, 1983)
  • Fu-ru-e-ru Kajitsu ( ふ ・ る ・ え ・ る 果 実 , 7 ″ single, released September 1983)
  • Nekohanten Menu Song ( 猫 飯店 メ ニ ュ ー ・ ソ ン グ , single, Nekohanten menyū songu , released January 21, 1991)
  • Memories Off # 5 togireta film Premium Collection Mizuho CV Sakuma Rei ( Memories Off # 5 と ぎ れ た フ ィ ル ム Premium Collection6 Mizuho CV. 佐 久 間 レ イ , released January 25, 2006)

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