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Aka Moon is a Belgian fusion band that was formed in 1992 and whose core still consists of a trio formed by founders Fabrizio Cassol , Michel Hatzigeorgiou and Stéphane Galland . The group initially brought together jazz , rock music and world music .


The saxophonist Fabrizio Cassol, the bassist Michel Hatzigeorgiou and the drummer Stéphane Galland have previously played in the Nasa Na Band with guitarist Pierre Van Dormael . They founded the band after studying the musical culture of the Stone Age Aka-Pygmies in the Central African Republic . In 1992 the trio, named after these pygmies, released their debut album, which was heavily influenced by their music.

The next two albums released in the early 1990s ( Rebirth and Live at Kaai ) also document the original trio. In the mid-1990s, the band brought in Indian musicians for their albums Akasha Vol. 1 and Akasha Vol. 2 , who played flute, tabla and mridangam. For the album Ganesh, the band collaborated with guitarist Marc Ducret . Elohim presented a more electric line-up, with singer David Linx and keyboardist Benoît Delbecq . Live at Vooruit highlights Doudou N'Diaye Rose as a percussionist.

In the late 1990s, the group produced the Invisible Mother, Invisible Sun, and Invisible Moon trilogy . The concept was based on the Chinese I Ching . Invisible Mother plays the trio with the Ictus Ensemble . Invisible Sun was created with an eleven-piece big band . Invisible Moon highlights Umayalpuram K. Sivaraman and Benoît Delbecq.

The album In Real Time (2001) was created for the ballet company of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker . The album Guitars (2002) was recorded with M-Base guitarist David Gilmore , carnatic guitarist Ramaswamy Prasanna and Belgian guitarist Pierre Van Dormael. Magic Malik (flute, vocals) and Fabian Fiorini (piano) were involved in the album Amazir (2006), while the Malinese griot Baba Sissoko was involved in the album Culture Griot (2009) . On the album The Scarlatti Book (2015) the pianist Fabian Fiorini took part as a guest; you can hear compositions by Cassol based on sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti .


  • Aka Moon (Carbon 7, 1992)
  • Nzomba (Carbon 7.1992)
  • Rebirth (Carbon 7.1994)
  • Akasha Vol. 1 (Carbon 7.1995)
  • Akasha Vol. 2 (Carbon 7.1995)
  • Ganesh (Carbon 7.1997)
  • Elohim (Carbon 7.1997)
  • Live at Vooruit (Carbon 7.1997)
  • Live at the Kaai (Carbon 7.1999)
  • Invisible Mother (Carbon 7.1999)
  • Invisible Sun (Carbon 7.2000)
  • In Real Time (Carbon 7.2001)
  • Invisible Moon (Carbon 7.2001)
  • Guitars (De Werf, 2002)
  • Amazir (Cypres, 2006, with Robin Eubanks )
  • Culture Griot (Cypres, 2009)
  • Unison (Carbon 7, 2012)
  • The Scarlatti Book (Outhere, 2015)

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