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Benoit Delbecq

Benoît Delbecq (* 1966 in Paris ) is a French jazz pianist and composer who often the technique of prepared piano begins.

Live and act

Delbecq is a pianist on contemporary classical piano music a. a. trained by John Cage , György Ligeti and Conlon Nancarrow . He was one of the founding members of several groups, including the Quartet Painting (with Steve Argüelles ) and the Recyclers (with Argüelles and Noël Akchoté or Corin Curschellas ). With Guillaume Orti , Hubert Dupont and Benjamin Henocq, he founded the group Kartet in 1990 (which had released six albums by 2014). He worked with Serge Adams in the big band Quoi de Neuf Docteur and the Jazz Mic Mac project , with which he toured Central Africa.

He also worked a. a. with Evan Parker , Steve Lacy , Derek Bailey , Marc Ducret , Gianni Gebbia , Louis Sclavis , François Houle , Lukas Ligeti and Mandhira de Saram . He has also composed film, ballet and drama music and has performed with the poet Olivier Cadiot . In 2010 he appeared in the Steve Lehman Octet at the Moers Festival . His trio album The Sixth Jump was ranked as one of the best albums of 2010 by the New York Times and AllAboutJazz . Like the album Circles and Calligrams , it was awarded a Grand Prix International de l ' Académie Charles Cros . In 2012 he recorded an album with Crescendo in Blue with Duke Ellington transcriptions of rarely played pieces from his suites and ballet music.


  • Jorrit Dijkstra / Benoît Delbecq: European Echoes (1995)
  • François Houle / Benoît Delecq: Nancali (1996)
  • Pursuit with Steve Argüelles, Jean-Jacques Avenel , Marc Ducret , François Houle, Michael Moore (1999)
  • Nu-Turn , solo album (2001)
  • Phonetics with Emile Biayenda , Mark Helias , Oene van Geel (2003)
  • François Houle / Benoît Delecq: La Lumiere de Pierres (2005)
  • Antonin-Tri Hoang & Benoît Delbecq Airplanes , (Bee Jazz, 2011)
  • Benoit Delbecq & François Houle: Because She Hoped ( Songlines , 2011)
  • Crescendo In Duke (Nato, 2012)
  • Samuel Blaser & Benoît Delbecq & Gerry Hemingway : Fourth Landscape (Nuscope Recordings, 2014)
  • Léandre & Delbecq & Houle: 14 Rue Paul Fort, Paris (Leo Records, 2015)
  • Spots On Strips (Clean Feed, 2018)
  • Delbecq / Dijkstra / Hollenbeck: Linger (2018)

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