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Oene van Geel (* 1973 ) is a Dutch jazz violinist and viola player (also percussionist ) who has emerged mainly as a composer in recent years .

Live and act

Van Geel grew up with classical music and was led to jazz via Balkan music. He studied jazz and composition at the Rotterdam Conservatory with Michael Gustorff , Thijs Kramer , Rob Pronk and Bob Brookmeyer and until 1994 contemporary and South Indian music with Rafael Reina at the Amsterdam Conservatory . From 1995 he was a member of the Pop Strijk Kwartet , which was awarded at the 1997 Anova jazz competition. He quickly became known beyond the borders of the Netherlands and performed all over Europe, Canada, the USA, India, Russia and Japan.

He works with numerous bands as a band leader or sideman, u. a. the Zapp String Quartet (with Jasper Le Clercq , Friedmar Hitzer and Emile Visser ), the Voer group (with Vera van der Poel , Anton Goudsmit , Gulli Gudmundsson and Afra Mussawisade ), Osmosis (with Guillaume Orti , Jozef Dumoulin , Mark Haanstra , BC Manjunath and Afra Mussawisade), the Wereldband (with Willem van Baarsen , Rogier Bosman , Roderick Krauss , Sanne van Delft , Wim Lammen under Karel de Rooij ), the Delbecq Unit (with Mark Turner , Benoît Delbecq , Mark Helias and Emile Biayenda ), the Trio Pavlov (with Hans Hasebos and Albert van Veenendaal ), the Bruinsma Syndicaat (with Jeffrey Bruinsma , Eric Surménian and Afra Mussawisade) and the Henneman Strijkkwartet (with Ig Henneman , Alex Waterman and Wilbert de Joode ).

In 2000 he won the Jur Naessens Muziekprijs with the group Mosaic , in 2001 the Dutch jazz competition with the band On The Line , and in 2002 he received the Anderson Jazz Award . With the group Bhedam ( Jozef Dumoulin , Mark Haanstra , Udayraj Karpur , Tobias Klein , Gijs Levelt , BC Manjunath , Ned McGowan ) he went on tour through India in 2002 and 2003.

Van Geel is also increasingly active as a composer: in 2002 he composed the piece Chamber Grooves for the Zapp String Quartet . He has also composed for Michael Moore , Guus Janssen , David Kweksilber , Joshua Samson , Tony Overwater and other ensembles, also on behalf of the North Sea Jazz Festival .

In 2013 he was honored with the Boy Edgar Prize .

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