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Afra Mousavisade (2014)

Afra Mousawisade (born June 26, 1973 in Tehran ) is an Iranian percussionist who is active in the field of world music and jazz .

Live and act

Mousavisade took lessons in classical Persian percussion with Arjang Kamkar from 1979 and tonbak lessons with Farhangfar from 1980. In 1983 he came to Germany, where he took piano and cello lessons. From 1991 to 1993 he studied African percussion and attended master classes with Luis Conte, Donald Holtermanns, Nicky Marrero, Glen Velez and Alex Acuña . From 1994 he studied Latin American percussion at the Rotterdam Conservatory . From 1999 he studied in Cuba at the Conservatory of Santiago de Cuba and took private lessons with Cuban musicians in Havana. Since 2003 he studied during several stays in India a. a. South Indian percussion music at the Karnataka College of Percussion in Bangalore . He worked u. a. with: Mezzoforte , Praful , Drums United, Till Brönner , WDR Big Band , Xavier Naidoo , Oene van Geel , Ernst Reijseger and Mark Alban Lotz .


  • Jeroen van Vliet : Thin Air
  • Gero Körner: Truth
  • Marc Bischoff: Later Is Too Late
  • Voer: Bite
  • Tiny Tribe: Milou
  • Schäl Sick Brass Band : Maza Meze ( ACT Music )
  • Schäl Sick Brass Band: Kesh Mesh (Westparc)
  • Bayuba Cante (NL): Cheba (Network Medien)
  • Bayuba Cante (NL): Orumilas Dance (Network Medien)
  • Praful: One Day Deep (Therapy Records)
  • Praful: Pyramid in your Backyard (Therapy Records)
  • Praful: Where Spirit Lives (Mystik Productions)
  • Praful: Mirror Of The Heart (Mystik Productions)
  • Praful: Into Being (Mystik Productions)
  • Red Fulka: We Are One (Mystik Productions)
  • Gabriel Pérez : Alfonsina ( Jazz4Ever Records )
  • Gabriel Perez: Bande Grande (Genuit Music)
  • Hermosa: Coming Home (Blue Flame rec's)
  • Kemal Ben Hicham: El Mouhajir
  • Global Village Orchestra: Globalistics (LopLop Records)
  • Barana & co .: Live At The Music Meeting
  • Barana & Co .: Illeriye Anilar
  • Timucin Sahin: Rare Falcons
  • Don Abi: Act of Love
  • Manfred Leuchter Trio: Pas de Trois
  • Manfred Leuchter: Zina
  • Rolf Römer : Tribute to Childhood (GLM Music)
  • Mark Lotz Meets Omar Ka, A Fula Calls: Liingu (LopLop Records)
  • XamXam: Liberation
  • Christoph Titz: When I Love
  • Reinhold Westerheide & A. Mussawisade: Anderland
  • Jeffrey Bruinsma: Het Gouden Wagentje

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