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A nude model

A nude model is a person who is an artist ( painter , photographer , sculptor or artist ) for an act of naked (Vollakt) or semi-naked (partially nude) model is.

Areas of activity

Nude models are active in various areas of the visual and performing arts: In the visual arts, nude models are primarily used in painting, graphics and sculpture. Furthermore, nude models are also active in the field of artistic nude photography . In the performing arts, nude models are used for action art , performances , happenings and sometimes also for theatrical productions. Other areas of work can also be artistic activities such as body painting .

Job title and requirements

Basically there are no guidelines for working as a nude model. The term nude model is not a protected job title, so anyone can use it without proof of any qualification. There is no regular training. Nude models are usually only briefly introduced to their work by the artist or photographer.

Nude drawing and painting with a nude model

In the field of nude photography and for commercial appearances, an above-average physical attractiveness is often expected. In the area of nude drawing , nude painting and sculpture , on the other hand, models with aesthetically less perfect body shapes are often in demand.

Motionless posing is very exhausting, with a duration of 5 to 45 minutes for nude drawing and often for many hours to days (with breaks) for nude painting or modeling.

In contrast to nude and erotic models , nude models are only active in the field of art and culture. Most serious nude models distance themselves from eroticism, pornography, prostitution and sex. Nevertheless, many nude models, erotic actors, prostitutes, porn films, brothels, etc. also abuse the term nude model.

Working conditions and pay

Permanent nude models are very rare. Usually nude models are hired and paid by the hour. Payment is usually made in cash immediately after the model session.

The work as a nude model is often only carried out as a temporary activity. For example, female students often hire out as a motif at art academies , art schools or artist groups. The number of full-time nude models in Germany is very low.

A smaller part of the mostly female nude models are now organized abroad in trade unions and protest against poor working conditions. Such trade unions are so far unknown in Germany, as many clients do not engage unionized nude models and there is a very large selection of non-organized nude models.

The payment of nude models in the field of nude photography and commercial appearances (e.g. body painting at trade fairs) is usually relatively high, but also very much dependent on the negotiating skills of the model and the scope of the image publication or the size of the event. The fee can fluctuate between 25 euros and 150 euros per hour or 100 to 500 euros per shoot / appearance. The remuneration of the models for life drawing, painting and modeling is significantly lower and is usually in the range of 10 to 30 euros per hour.

Well-known models

A fictional model is Trilby in the novel Trilby by George du Maurier .


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