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Alois Kott (born November 30, 1950 in Oberhausen ) is a German double bass player and composer. He is a protagonist of fusion jazz and acid jazz , who also pursues acoustic, chamber music ambitions.

Live and act

Kott had classical guitar lessons as a child, played in rock bands as a teenager, switched to double bass at the age of 18 and studied double bass (with Rolf Heister), electronic composition (with Dirk Reith), and guitar (Gräf) at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen from 1970 to 1980 and completed an international master class for violoncello with Janos Starker in 1977. From 1970 he was a member of the Contact Trio with Michael Jüllich and Theo Jörgensmann , with whom he had played since 1969. The trio released an album with this line-up and performed among others. a. as a "newcomer" at the German Jazz Festival 1972 in Frankfurt. In 1973 Jörgensmann left this group. The guitarist Evert Brettschneider took his place . This trio played at the Jazzfest Berlin and in 1981 the Goethe Institute sent them on a 3½-month tour of Latin America. Since the 1980s, Kott had the groups Jungle Pilots (with Evert Brettschneider and the percussionist Peter Eisold , with whom he also played in the Contact Trio , as well as the saxophonist Matthias Schubert ) and Bluebox (with Eisold and the trumpeter Reiner Winterschladen ), which followed suit after a longer break from 2004 onwards under the group name nuBox (temporarily with DJ Illvibe ). With these groups he joined a. a. at the jazz festivals of Montreux and Berlin and toured to Southeast Asia (1988) and Australia (as part of the Goethe Institute with the Jungle Pilots at the Sydney Jazz Festival 1993). In 1996, Kott founded the Greenfish trio with guitarist Lars Petzold and drummer Holger Zehrt . Since the 1990s, Kott has also devoted himself intensively to chamber music . He composes piano trios and wrote for his chamber music ensemble Ensemble Indigo (with Winterschladen, and a string quartet). In autumn 2005 the major opus "Limbic System Files" was premiered as a commissioned composition for the Hr-Bigband with nuBox featuring DJ Illvibe at the German Jazz Festival in Frankfurt in co-authorship with Peter Eisold . A studio production of this work was published by Enja in 2008 .

Kott teaches a. a. at the Velbert Music and Art School.


  • Contact Trio: Contact (in-house production, 1972)
  • Contact Trio: Double Face (CALIG, 1975)
  • Contact Trio: New Marks ( ECM / JAPO , 1978)
  • Contact Trio: Music (ECM / Japo, 1981)
  • Blue Box : Sweet Machine ( Enja , 1985) ( German Record Award )
  • Blue Box: Stambul Boogie (Enja, 1986)
  • Blue Box: Captured Dancefloor (Enja, 1989)
  • Jungle Pilots: Nearmiss (Enemy, 1991)
  • Blue Box: Time We Sign (Enja, 1992)
  • Blue Box: Ten (Enja, 1994)
  • Jungle Pilots: Downunder (veraBra, 1994)
  • Greenfish: Perfume Light - Singing Blue (Enja, 1998)
  • Ensemble Indigo: Reflection (Enja-Nova, 2000)
  • nuBox : Sonic Screen (19_Enja, 2004)
  • nuBox: Next Twist (19_Enja, 2007)
  • nuBox, DJ Illvibe , Ed Partyka and hr-Bigband : Limbic System Files (19_Enja, 2008)


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