Old Town Hall (Vienna)

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The old town hall with portal
Old City Hall of Vienna around 1880

The Old Town Hall of Vienna is located at Wipplingerstraße 8 in the 1st district of Vienna , the Inner City .


After several renovations, the outside of the building is now in the style of Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach , and the offices of the district council are also influenced by the Baroque , but Gothic elements can still be seen in some parts . The splendid portal dates from around 1700. In the courtyard is the Andromeda fountain, built by Georg Raphael Donner in 1741, and the 14th-century Gothic St. Salvator Church at the back . The council chamber was redesigned from 1851 to 1853 under the direction of the Viennese architect Ferdinand Fellner the Elder .


Duke Friedrich der Schöne donated the original building to the city council in 1316. It has been owned by the City of Vienna ever since.

On April 30, 1671, in the course of the magnate conspiracy, Franz III. Nádasdy executed in the old town hall in Vienna.

On May 26, 1848, in the days of the March Revolution in Vienna , the security committee elected by the people to maintain order met in the old town hall . A memorial plaque on the portal today commemorates this historical event.

Since 1871, the Old Catholic Church of Austria , which opposed the Pope's dogma of infallibility, enacted in 1870, has been providing pastoral care to the small town hall church (Saint Salvator Church). The church was made available to the then new religious community, which was only officially recognized in 1877, by the local council.

On June 20, 1885, a meeting of the Vienna City Council took place for the last time in the Old City Hall, before it met for the first time on June 23, 1885 in the New City Hall , which was built in 1883 .

Today, among other things, the municipal district office for the 1st and 8th district , the district museum Innere Stadt and the documentation archive of the Austrian resistance are housed in the building. Since autumn 2005 it has also been possible to deal with official channels in the front office of the municipal department MA 34 (construction and building management) of the City of Vienna.

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