Alwig X. von Sulz

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Alwig X. von Sulz also Alwig I (the Klettgau line) according to recent research Alwig VIII. (* 1417; † 1493 in Rheinau ) Count of Vaduz , Schellenberg and Blumeneck , Landgrave in Klettgau and hereditary court judge in the imperial city of Rottweil from the family Count of Sulz .

Rottweil City Museum : Judgment of the Rottweil court

He was a son of Rudolf III. from Sulz .


After the death of her mother, Countess Ursula von Habsburg-Laufenburg , the two sons Alwig and Rudolf IV ruled the Klettgau together, while Count Johann took over the office of court judge in Rottweil. Rudolf died in 1487 and Count Johann in 1490, so Alwig also became court judge. All three found their resting place in the monastery church in Rheinau monastery . Alwig still owned Bohlingen and the Neckarburg . In 1488 he acquired Jestetten Castle .

Rudolf IV.

His brother was Rudolf IV, governor of the Landgraviate of Nellenburg , († 1487) ⚭ 1. Margaretha von Limpurg-Gaildorf, daughter of Conrad IV. Von Limpurg-Gaildorf (* 1395) and ⚭ (September 20, 1439), 2. Clara from Montfort.

Rudolf IV succeeded - which had previously been tried in vain for a long time - with the so-called Habsburg Urbar of 1308, the Habsburg property register, which was primarily aimed at determining the imperial property and that with the destruction of Baden Castle in 1417, including the entire Austrian archive of the confederates had been brought to Lucerne, in the years 1479 to 1480, initially by Diebold Schilling and then by the clerk of the Innsbruck Raitkammer , this land register is one of the most important preserved sources to this day.

Late marriage

The younger coat of arms of the Sulz-Brandis line at Tiengen Castle around 1660

After it became clear that the succession depended on him, Alwig married 25-year-old Verena von Brandis (1452-1507) at the age of 60 (1477) in order to save the Sulzer lineage from extinction. After the death of his father in 1493, the son Count Rudolf V. von Sulz succeeded him.

He still experienced the joy of receiving two sons from his wife:


predecessor Office successor
Rudolf III. von Sulz and his brothers Johann and Rudolf von Sulz (†) Landgrave in Klettgau
1487 - 1493
Rudolf V. von Sulz

Individual evidence

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